Model Shares Raw Photos That Show Her Unedited Body With An Important Message!

It’s hard to please anyone these days thanks to airbrushed, Photoshopped images of people that are everywhere. With the help of social media people find bullying people for their looks easy but without understanding what effect it has on those watching and the person being bullied.

Sophie Tuner, a plus-size model, knows how difficult it is to see your own beauty.

She recently posted a behind-the-scenes image from a modeling shoot, which shows off her cellulite.

The un-retouched photo was originally hard for Sophie to look at, but then she realized how important pictures like this are for women everywhere.

She posted the photo on Instagram, and within three days, the post had over 13,500 likes.

Sophie wrote:

I done a photoshoot yesterday and these are some behind the scenes pictures — I was angry when I seen this pic because of my cellulite — it was on my mind but why should it?

I am more than cellulite, I am more than the belly rolls and back fat, and cellulite is normal!!

It’s natural for us ladies to have cellulite and we need to stop seeing it as disgusting or ugly.

Yes, we all want smooth skin, but we need to accept reality!

I’ve had cellulite since I was about 12 which is normal.

After living with something for a decade it’s all a part of being me!

And I’m still learning to love it and not hate it — it’s a slow road to self love but it’s the best thing you can do for your confidence and mental health.

Everyone who saw Sophie’s photo loved her empowering message.

One woman wrote, “You are perfect, cellulite and all.”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all,” wrote another fan. “Beauty is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. Some of us are capable of seeing that. Rock what you got, be proud.”

One other person wrote, “I’m always trying to be kinder to myself and this is a good reminder–thank you!”

Cellulite is so common, and many women experience it at some point during life.

Honestly, we should be proud to have it, not ashamed — and that’s exactly Sophie’s point!


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