Mom Injects Daughter With Stepfather’s Sperm So She Can Carry Baby Brother As Surrogate

Katherine was told by friends and colleagues that it “goes against nature.” Still, the 30-year-old was determined to give her mother a sixth child.

The loyal daughter will stop sexual relations with her husband and become artificially impregnated with her stepfather’s sperm to become her mother’s surrogate. Her mom, Jacky, admitted how unusual the situation was.

“As a nurse I’m very used to being matter-of-fact, but it was gross. Paul would go in the bathroom and do his business, and I would help him,” Jacky told SWNS. “Then I would put it in a syringe, run it through to Katherine who was lying on the bed, and she would inject it into herself.”

Needless to say, the process brought the family closer together. See Katherine and Jacky’s journey below.

Jacky Edwards had a hysterectomy after giving birth to her fifth child. When she became a widow, she didn’t expect to ever have any more children.

However, after Jacky met Paul, the couple, who both have kids from previous marriages, fell in love and wanted to create a child of their own together.

Jacky couldn’t conceive, so her eldest daughter Katherine, who is a married mother of two, offered to become a surrogate. Coworkers and friends said giving birth to her brother went “against nature,” but Katherine knew what it meant to her mother.

Jacky and Katherine drew up an agreement with a lawyer. She would pay for pregnancy-related expenses, although the mother and daughter admit that the process wasn’t ideal. Katherine had to be inseminated with her stepfather’s sperm.

“The artificial insemination was disgusting, but I tried not to think, ‘Oh, I’m inseminating myself with my mother’s husband’s sperm,” Katherine told SWNS.  “I just thought, ‘I’m making a baby in a different way’ and blocked it out.”

When Katherine gave birth, she immediately handed off newborn Caspian to Jacky.

“Caspian was handed straight to me because Katherine didn’t want to bond with him, and she wanted me to have those moments. It all fell into place,” Jacky recalls.

“We are totally over the moon with him. We look at him and pinch ourselves because it seemed impossible that Paul and I would ever be able to have a baby together.”

“We are sharing our story to show that it can happen — but sometimes not in the way you expect,” the doting mother says.

“We were sitting in a coffee shop, and she took my hand and told me she and her husband, Sam, had been thinking about it,” Jacky said. “The fact that she was willing to do this for me and Paul — it stopped my heart completely.”

Jacky and Katherine acknowledge that their story is a little weird, but it produced their greatest gift: Caspian.

“It’s a bit [of Katherine’s father,] Jeremy Kyle, but Paul was jumping for joy. He was like, ‘Oh my God, it is going to happen.’ And there would be a genetic link with the baby,” Jacky says.

“Caspian was hard to get, and we are all very proud. He will absolutely know where he came from. Four people created him in a circle of love,” Jacky said.

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