Mother’s Struggle With Breastfeeding Is Beautifully Captured In A Photoshoot Gone Viral

Being a mother is not an easy thing. Take the example of Jaque Hines’s case. The young mother from Eugene, Oregon did everything she could to breastfeed her daughter. But, unfortunately, her baby wasn’t latching properly, and after a long 15-week struggle of trying everything under the sun, she decided that breast pumping would be the solution for her.

Mom-to-be’s maternity shoot is creating quite the buzz on social media.

“The ordeal was real and it wasn’t worth it, ” she said in an interview with Redbook. “I realized this is just what I have to do to get my daughter the good stuff,” Hines explained.

Soon, it gave way to insecurity when she saw stunning images of women breastfeeding their children splashed all across social media and she couldn’t help but wonder why wasn’t the world showing women who breast pump?

“I wanted to have the same kind of beautiful tribute for me and my baby, and to show other women that in the midst of pumping, when it’s chaotic and your breasts are engorged … there’s beauty to that,” Hines explained as she elaborated on the inspiration behind her gorgeous pictures that have gone viral.

So, from there the great idea was born and along came photographer Charity Williams with whom Jaque worked closely on the idea and theme of the photos. Both of them collaborated to produce a set of aww-invoking pictures with the mother and her one-year-old daughter and a breast pump. Williams was happy to do the shoot for Hines, especially since she too, could relate to the topic.

“As a mother who also pumped my twin daughters for 14 months this shoot was so close to home,” Williams told Romper. “All the memories, joy, love, pain, commitment, and hard work came rushing back.”

More and more are now taking up the option of breastpumping. Women pump for a variety of reasons, according to Cafe Mom — from having a child who won’t latch, to having inverted nipples. It is also a great option for moms who are always on the go and struggling with traditional breastfeeding.

Dr. Joan Meek, the editor-in-chief of American Academy of Pediatrics New Mother’s Guide To Breastfeeding explained in an interview with Parenting: “A frequent reason for women to pump and feed breast milk instead of directly breastfeeding is related to difficulties getting the baby to latch and suckle well. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that direct breastfeeding is best and expressed breast milk is next best.”

The caption of Hines’s post sends message to other women to embrace breast pumping as normal and not get overwhelmed by other naturally breastfeeding mothers.

“Whether you’ve been pumping for 10 minutes or 10 months, celebrate your journey, know that you’re beautiful, know that pumping is beautiful, know that you’re doing your best, know that you are not alone, know that no matter what, your baby loves you …your labor of love does not go unnoticed because when we see our babies thrive, we know it was all so so worth it,” the caption of the post read.

Her posts got more than 5,600 likes and hundreds of comments from moms who were more than eager to share their own stories of breast-pumping.

“Omg soooo needed this!” one woman wrote. Said another, “Thank you for this … made me tear up … Two of my kids had an extended stay in the NICU when they were born, so I was pumping and that was the hardest thing. This message is so powerful.”

The photographer part is more than elated, and is happy that her efforts have got people talking and sharing their struggles associated with breastfeeding with one another. “I did it to show beauty in the struggle,” Hines said. “To show other mothers that they aren’t alone, and to empower them to have their own photo shoot or celebrate their journey any way they want to. Because they deserve it.”

Photo: meaww


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