These Nudist Couple Became Famous For Their Strategically-Posed Holiday Snaps!

This couple is trying to bring in a new fashion trend to the world with their shocking wardrobe: Nothing but their naked bodies!

Nick and Lins, from Belgium, have been travelling around the world with just a smattering of clothes in a bid to explore nudism.

Photos on their Instagram account, @nakedwanderings, show them enjoying a range of warm weather activities in the buff, from swimming in the sea to cartwheeling on the beach.

And they’ve become online sensations as a result.

The couple, in their early thirties, said they discovered nudism several years ago after accidentally booking into a naked sauna. Since then, they’ve never looked back.

During a recent trip to Montenegro, they spent two weeks helping out at a clothing optional eco campground – and discovered people approach nudity in lots of different ways.

They found the owner of the campground was what people call a ’24/7 nudist’.

Recounting the experience, they write on their website: ‘He was literally naked all day and all night.

‘Only when he had to leave the property, which didn’t happen very often, he put on some pants but the first thing he did when returning to the gate was to take them off again. It was almost as if he had an allergy to textile.’

The couple say back in Belgium they are only naked when it is convenient. This is mostly when they are at home and aren’t expecting any visitors.

They say that it is ‘liberating’ to wear no clothes and it creates a ‘relaxed atmosphere’.

Some of their favourite activities include swimming without clothes and hanging-out among other non-clothed people.

They also say that naked camping is another of their top pastimes because ‘you get to learn natural sensations which you’re not used to but which feel very good: The feeling of lying naked in the grass, the feeling of a gust of wind passing your body, the sun everywhere on your skin.’

So far, Nick and Lins have visited an array of destinations on their nudist quest including Croatia, Malta and Greece.

However,  in Albania the pair had to be careful that no one saw them when they went for a skinny dip, as the practice is still frowned upon.

They also open their website up to contributors, so people can share their different experiences of nudism in countries around the world.

In one blog post Madushan, 23, from Sri Lanka, explains that nudism is completely outlawed in his country.

He adds: ‘There are no legal public nudist venues available anywhere here.

‘For our people, nudism is something inherently sexual and they don’t like to see it any other way. It’s quite a shame because we used to tolerate nudism much more in our history.’

‘Even art, like local films, rarely feature any nudity, and even when they do, they always become topics of strong controversy within the society.’

Nick and Lins told that plan to continue globetrotting for as long as possible and they have loved meeting so many like-minded people.

They concluded: ‘Our main objective is to take naturism out of the shadows and to make nudity less sexualised and more accepted – and to show people that it’s actually a fun thing to do and that a human body is nothing to be ashamed of.’

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