Nurse Saw A Man Died That Morning, Pulled Over To Film A Video And It Went Viral

A hospice nurse, Rebecca Turly, shot a video that has been watched over 17 million times on Facebook. Her job is to work with death. In her job, she see people in their 90s, she sees babies, she sees people, who are fit and healthy, visited their doctors on a routine procedure and were told they have only a week left to live.

Turly said, you sort of become immunized to the idea of it. But not that morning. That morning, she had seen an elderly man pass away, and for a moment she wondered—what if he had regrets?

Whiling driving back to home, she came to a deep realization and pulled over on the side of the road to make a video.

“It just hit me all of a sudden,” she started. “I don’t know if two people are going to watch this, I don’t care.”

Her message? Life is short.

“If you have a family member you’re fighting with, if you’re unhappy with your job, life is so, so short you should live life to the fullest, maintain good relationships—don’t stress about the little things, because life is too short,” Turly said.

“It’s hard for me to think of that man lying right there, taking his last breaths, and wondering if there’s something he wishes he could have done differently,” Turly said.

It shook her to the point where she had to stop driving and film the video. “Maybe somebody needs to hear this today,” she said. “Even if it hits only one person.”

It ended up reaching many more people than that, being shared over 300,000 times, and watched by 17 million people.


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