Passenger Reading Aloud From Bible Causes Panic On London Train

This morning a London train was stopped all of a sudden and the passengers were confused about it.

Later, they came to know that a man in a different carriage was scaring the shit out of other passengers. When the train approached Wimbledon station, the male passenger decided to loudly read out passages from the Bible, just in case other people hadn’t heard the word of God that morning.

According to some people on social media, this particular individual said at one point: “Death is not the end.” The Richmond and Twickenham Times said he was also reciting passages about gay people.

A witness told the newspaper: “I specifically heard him say things about homosexuality and sex before marriage being sins and how we had to repent for our sins, the lord gave his son for our sins et cetera. I sort of zoned out a little after that as I had no interest in listening to him.”

People started getting scared as due to the fear caused by terror attacks around the world, including the recent Parsons Green tube explosion. The man continues reciting parts of the Bible. A man named Ian told the BBC he yelled at the gentleman to stop because he was scaring people, then ‘the guy stopped and stood there with his head down’.

You don’t want to witness such things on a Tuesday morning, or any morning for that matter.

As soon as the word spread the commotion traveled to other carriages, people unaware of the situation feared the worst and decided to leave before waiting to see what would happen.

The situation that happened next was described as a ‘crush’ as other passengers ‘self-evacuated’ and started running along the railway tracks.

For the passengers safety, the rail power lines were cut to ensure no one got hurt and caused an estimated 12 hours’ worth of delays.

A SWR spokesperson said: “South Western Railway’s control centre received an emergency call from a driver in the Wimbledon area stating that a passenger got out of a train and on to the track, before it reached the station.

“Because of this it was necessary to turn off the current in the area, it has since been restored to most lines.”

A British Transport Police spokesperson told the Metro: ‘We were called at 8.31am today to Wimbledon after reports of a disturbance on a train to Waterloo. Passengers evacuated themselves onto the tracks. BTP attended and are carrying out enquiries at present. No one was injured and no arrests have been made.”

Photo: ladbible


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