People Called Cops After Seeing Dead Man In Filthy Drain, Turns Out He’s Just Drunk

A man was moderately flooded in dirty water and garbage in a narrow canal. The attention of the local police was called and they got alarmed thinking the man was dead.

Turned out the dude was just sleeping in there. He got so drunk the night before he fell asleep on the gutter.

The man was so wasted he fell on the canal and slept there without a care in the world.

This is a hard one to top as far as drunken experiences go. Netizens found the whole thing so funny, some of them shared their own worst drunken experience. Facebook user Gnaranam Nosyaj Semaj spilled his own story about getting absolutely wasted with his friends.

“My friends and I finally experienced getting drunk and sleeping on the gutter side by side. We slept so good we woke up when it was already bright and noisy. People were actually passing by us and when we finally came to our senses the jeeps and other vehicles were honking around us. It was so embarrassing. Good thing we didn’t lose any of our stuff!”

Now back to the dude in the canal.

The local police had to fish him out of the murky water and garbage.

Don’t ever get this drunk, folks.

The reactions of netizens ranged from amusement to scorn.

One wrote:

“It has become part of the Filipino culture to get drunk, puke, and then go to sleep. This is what happens when you drink 80% proof gin straight up 10 hours. This will definitely screw up your liver and blood alcohol. Filipinos are just not educated about alcohol; they will drink to death just to please their friends. Big stupidity.”

Meanwhile, another commented:

“You are just disturbing the man’s sleep. He was just trying to lose the hangover, what do you care about it? Mind your own business, he was just trying to cool off but you fished him out of the water!”

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