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Graphic: Saudi Man Violently Slaps Baby Girl, Mother Pleads For Help


Viewers may find this footage upsetting and disturbing. Viewer Discretion advised

In a horrific case of child abuse, a video is making rounds on the internet where a Saudi father can be seen cruelly slapping a baby girl.

The video, posted by the child’s mother, pleading for help to rescue her, has sparked outrage across social media users in Saudi Arabia. The baby can be heard howling as her father continues to beat her across her face.

Her mother is a Syrian national and her father a Saudi citizen. According to a Sabq news report, her mother said that her father took custody of the child when she was one month old and began to torture her.

The father reportedly lives in the Holy city of Makkah.

Khalid Abu Al Khail, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Labour and Social Development tweeted “We asked the owner of the account to contact us to verify the details of the situation. The Ministry will take action if it’s proved to be true.”


Shocked twitter users are sharing the video with a viral hashtag. One person wrote, “Is this person a criminal? He doesn’t deserve to be a father.”

Another person commented, “I’m in tears. What kind of a father, what kind of a human.”

“When the psychopaths around the world become fathers,” wrote another user.

WARNING: Graphic content



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