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This Model Has A 22-Point Checklist For Potential Dates


When you consider how much time can be wasted on dating, it makes sense to have certain standards a potential partner has to meet before you even consider talking to them. There’s no reason you shouldn’t screen potential partners based on things you already know you need (or can’t stand) when it comes to a relationship.

Most people have a pretty reasonable set of standards when it comes to dating someone else, but things can occasionally get a bit out of hand. You can certainly refuse to date anyone who isn’t a six foot tall model with an IQ that makes Einstein look like an idiot, but you’re probably not going to have much success in the dating game.

However, when you’re one of those people that everyone wants to date (also known as “a hot girl”), you certainly allowed to have higher standards than most people. However, there is such thing as going too far, as lingerie model Jade Ainsworth recently proved on a British television show when she revealed the insane checklist she goes through when courting potential dates.

The 33-year-old has apparently gone on plenty of underwhelming dates over the course of her life, because she puts more work into picking who she wants to date than some people do into buying a house. I can understand not wanting to waste your time, but making sure someone checks all the boxes on a 22 point checklist seems a tad excessive. Just wait until you see what some of the items are.