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Woman Tries To Humiliate A Service Crew; Who Turns Out To Be The Owner!


Honestly, the first lesson any human should be taught is that nobody is above anybody else and looking down on someone is wrong in more ways than one. No matter how high a status you believe you have, nothing gives you the right to hurt a person who might come below you, status-wise.

This particular incident posted by Facebook User Ayeen Valdezco-Regalado, tell us why.

Ayeen, details her horrible experience with this woman who thought she was a service crew(she’s the owner of the resto). The incident happened when the woman thought the “Liempo” served to her was “Porkchop”. Ayeen then showed the different between the two pork cuts which made the woman very angry. To Ayeen’s surprise, the woman even pointed a fork at her and started poking her.

Take a look at her entire story:


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