I Was Poked With 60 Needles For An Allergy Skin Test To Find Out Why I Was So Itchy All The Time

If you ever find yourself scratching your skin, experiencing a runny nose or congestion, or constantly reaching for the eye drops, it’s possible that you may have allergies.

Even if you’ve gone through life completely allergy-free, it’s very common to develop them as you get older.

This is because, as you are incessantly exposed to them, your body can begin to recognize certain allergens as enemies.

When I started noticing that my skin was getting itchier than usual, I began to wonder if I’d possibly developed an allergy to something in my environment.

Maybe my cat, Fitzhugh, or the dust gathering underneath my couch. I simply wanted to find out if there was something that I could change in my own home.

While I don’t think that I could ever kick my kitty out of my room forever, there are other steps to take to reduce your reaction to pet allergies, like using pet wipes or even getting allergy shots.

To find out if I was actually allergic to anything, I made an appointment with an allergist.

Photo: littlethings


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