Police Officers Enjoy Photoshoot With Topless Tourists On Beach, But They Had No Clue What They Were Up To

Three state police officers had a good time posing for pictures with topless women on beach in Cancun. The officers’ images with sunbathing ladies went viral across social media over the weekend.

The men in uniform were seen carrying machine guns at the time. The woman are believed to be tourists but their nationality is yet to be known.

Cancun, which is a popular travel destination, has been largely spared the violence plaguing the rest of Mexico.
However, in January 2017, gunmen attacked the state prosecutors’ office in Cancun, killing four people.

Nearly 205 people were murdered last year in Cancun alone.

The saucy snaps were posted on Facebook by a user who captioned them: ‘…when you’re more interested in the sl**s than looking after Cancun’s beaches.’

The post was soon removed after the police ordered it to be removed. Initially, police refused to investigate the incident because they were unaware of the facts.

However, last night the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo reported it had launched an internal investigation into the incident.


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