This Real Life “Tom And Jerry” Duo Will Leave You In Splits!

While cats are known to be fast, smart, agile and dominating we tend to discredit the mouse’s characteristics. Just like jerry, the mouse in this video is a great artist and like tom, the cat here is so clueless!

In the clip posted by Facebook page, Animals Videos, a cat could be seen watching a mouse on the floor. While the clip did not show how the cat caught the mouse, it was clear that it was dead.

But moments later, the mouse moved. I was lucky, actually, that the cat wasn’t watching right at that moment. It moved as if to check if the cat was still around; seeing that the feline was still on guard, the mouse went back to playing dead.

This went on for several times that netizens are having a good laugh at how clever it was in escaping the cat by playing dead. Who would have thought a mouse would do this, eh?

Some netizens were even questioning whether this was some remote-controlled mouse because they just can’t believe that a little mousey could be this clever!

o you think this is a fake mouse? Well, the uploader didn’t show what happened in the end. Perhaps the mouse was able to escape or most like caught by the cat as it moved and was eaten! Oooops. Too morbid to show, perhaps?

Well, whatever the outcome of this real-life Tom and Jerry video, we just can’t help but laugh at this mouse’s antics…

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