Runner’s Private Pop Out At The End Of A Marathon

While the marathon runner was about to cross the finish line his privates fell out of his shorts.

Jozef Urban, the runner was running in the Kosice Peace Marathon in Slovakia when the unfortunate slip happened.

The runner, 31, was on his final stretch of the run on Sunday when his third leg fell out for all to see.

Check out the video here:

The marathon’s official website, stated that the runner came in at an amazing tenth place and even had a career best time of two hours, 21 minutes and 51 seconds.

The footage shows that he is unaware of the wardrobe malfunction as he seemed to be too dedicated to getting his time rather than readjusting and covering his modesty.

At one bizarre point, he even gives a spectator a high five:

The video of the unfortunate slip was uploaded to YouTube after it was aired on TV, and has since been viewed thousands of times.

His fans at the side of the race were seemed to be less bothered and were cheering him on regardless, which is testament to the atmosphere of the place.

Urban got his best time ever in the race, with his previous best being 2:22:18.

As soon as he crossed the finish line, assistants can be seen having trying to assist him as he bends over in tiredness – as you would do after running 26.2 miles.

If you look carefully, you can see Urban perform a very subtle readjustment to his shorts.

Marathons were actually traditionally completed in the nude in ancient Greece, from where the sport originates.

The ancient history of Olympic marathon running is uncertain, but it’s been suggested they began as a commemoration of the defeat of Kronos by Zeus in a wrestling match, reports

The very first Marathon is steeped in legend and is said to have been completed by a messenger named Philippides, who ran from Marathon to Sparta to enlist the aid of the Spartans against a battle which would otherwise result in defeat for the Athenians.

Eventually the Athenians decided not to wait for the Spartans and went to battle when the Persians were ill-prepared for battle and won – the messenger who was dispatched back to Athens to tell them of the victory, fell to the ground when he arrived.

Over time, the stories of Philippedes and the ill-fated messenger became merged and the ritual of the modern marathon began.

Kosice is a city in Slovakia, 250 miles east of the capital of Bratislava.

The Kosice Peace Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe, beginning in 1924 – it took until 1980 for the race to begin admitting women.

It’s also the second oldest marathon in the world, after the Boston Marathon and has a course record of 2:27:47 for women and 2:07:01 for men.

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