Sick Pervert, 35, Tried To Take A Teenage Boy To Hotel While Out In Bail

A man who was out on bail for grooming a girl planned to take a boy to a hotel to sexually abuse him.

Michael Aldridge, 35, said that he started chatting when he was 19 years old what he thought was a 13-year-old girl last October.

The girl, named Jessie, was paedophile hunters Dark Justice.

He told the girl that he was bisexual and asked her if she had any male friends who would be up for meeting him at a hotel.

When the man arrived he was arrested and admitted to a health professional that he was a paedophile.

A screengrab from one of the conversations he had while trying to groom the boy

The man was released on condition that police could check his browsing history at any time.

When the police checked his browsing history, they found child abuse images including a baby in a nappy being raped and his plan to meet a 13-year-old boy at a Holiday Inn.

The court was told that Aldridge had got the boy to show his genitalia to him via Skype and they were set to meet up within 20 minutes.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told Newcastle Crown Court: ‘The conversation indicated the two were to meet for penetrative sexual activity, which would include bondage. ‘

Both of them had an agreement to meet the day after. When he heard that the child could not spend the night with him, he said they could use a shopping centre loo for sexual activity.’

He cancelled the first meeting but set up a second encounter at the hotel.

He lied that he was 19

At the day when he was about to meet the boy, he was arrested and the boy had blocked him online.

Aldridge, of Bewick Court, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

In the court he admitted having a total of 687 indecent images of children on his home devices.

Defendant, Brian Hegarty said Aldridge has faced up to his problems and is willing to receive help and input to overcome them.

Mr Hegarty said Aldridge had a troubled childhood and his difficulties are complex.

Judge Stephen Earl told the court how the mother of the teenage boy said he had been left feeling ‘ashamed and apologetic’.

The judge said in relation to the Dark Justice case that the defendant was ‘attempting to involve other children, although they did not exist, into the offending’.

Judge Earl told the court: ‘Each of these offences are so serious only a custodial sentence is appropriate.’

For three years, he was sent to jail, ordered to abide by a sexual prevention order and pay a victim surcharge.

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