Size 20 Woman Takes A Look At Her Wedding Photo And Decides Something. Now Look At Her Size 8 Figure!

As a teenager Donna Docherty used to live on fish and chips for lunch and frozen foods for dinner. Throughout her twenties, she became addicted to sugary snacks and opted for takeaways instead of home-cooked meals.

She also drank lots of coke. In short, she never stopped to wonder whether her eating habits were even good for her. As a consequence of her unhealthy lifestyle, Donna packed on weight and by her twenties was a size 22.

Unfortunately, it seemed as though nothing could motivate her to reduce her weight. Even for her wedding, Donna could only drop to a size 20 from being size 22. But everything changed when she came across one of her photos taken at her sister’s wedding, 18 months later.

“It wasn’t until I saw a photo of myself on 28th December 2013 that I really decided enough was enough … I knew that if this was going to be a real change there was no point waiting until New Year’s Day so I emptied our kitchen cupboards and joined the gym,” Donna said, reports the Sunday Express.

“I’ve known about the danger of sugar ever since my dad was diagnosed with diabetes five years earlier, so it made my decision to quit even easier,” she said, reports MailOnline.

Donna hired a personal trainer and began working out very hard, doing body weights and cardio. She made a radical change in her eating habits, cutting down all sweets and junk food. Instead, she replaced all of them with healthy, nutritious meals.

“When I look back at my wedding photos I can’t believe how different I look and what a difference cutting out sugar has made,” Donna said.

Her strict diet plan and dedicated workouts soon saw results. Donna began to lose weight quickly and reached a stage where even wearing a size 8 dress was possible for her.

“To anyone wanting to make a change I would always tell them you need to be really self-motivated, no one is going to do it for you.

“But the rewards are incredible, I feel so much better in myself and love my new look. The days of size 22 dresses are long gone,” she said.

“3 years ago today I started my journey. I got up on 28th December 2013 and put all the junk food (sweets, crisps, chocolate , biscuits, cakes , frozen meals) in the bin and never ever looked back.

“I started training 1 day a week at the gym with my PT (KumaFit) Fraser. Within a couple of weeks I upped it to 2 training sessions a week 1 hour each day. Within 1 year I went from 97kg – 55.5kg (December 13 – December 14).”


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