Stephen King’s New Netflix Movie, Gerald’s Game

Earlier this month, Stephen King, the master of suspense turned 70. This year he’s co-written two books and the latest adaptation of his story IT is breaking all sorts of records at the box office.

One of the novels of Stephen King – Gerald’s Game – is up on Netflix and it’s getting some incredible reviews.

Gerald’s Game tells the story of Gerald (played by Bruce Greenwood) and his wife Jessie (Carla Gugino) as they go on a romantic break to try and refresh their marriage.

They head off to a remote lake house, but after a sex game goes wrong Gerald dies and Jessie ends up handcuffed to the bed. The film then focuses on the claustrophobia and panic Jessie feels as she begins to realise just how dire her situation is.

Mike Flanagan is the director of the the terrifying new film and really plays on the claustrophobia, tension and suspense of the protagonist – in a similar way to King’s other excellent story Misery, which was turned into a film starring Kathy Bates.

The book has been described as ‘impossible to film’, because most of what happens in the book takes place in Jessie’s head and deals with her stream of consciousness.

But Flanagan didn’t let that put him off. Speaking to the Independent, he said: “I’ve wanted to make this story since I was 19. I’m a Stephen King fanatic. When I was in college I read the book and thought it was amazing but unfilmable. Half my life I’ve been trying to make this movie.”

Gerald’s Game has a solid 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is getting rave reviews from critics.

King is notoriously critical of his adaptions. Speaking about Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining – one of the most beloved horror movies of all time – a less than impressed King said: The character of Jack Torrance has no arc in that movie. Absolutely no arc at all. When we first see Jack Nicholson, he’s in the office of Mr. Ullman, the manager of the hotel, and you know, then, he’s crazy as a shit-house rat. All he does is get crazier.

“In the book, he’s a guy who’s struggling with his sanity and finally loses it. To me, that’s a tragedy. In the movie, there’s no tragedy because there’s no real change.”

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