Stranger Drops A Note In Her Lap, She Takes One Look And Starts Faking A Seizure

Julie Dragland was recently traveling on a commuter train in San Francisco when she abruptly realized her life was in danger. Julie received a threatening note from a stranger asking her to turn over her phone and wallet. As she read the words, she became more and more disturbed.

Julie was sitting by herself when an unknown female behind her handed her the note. Video surveillance revealed that the robber had long, strawberry blonde hair and appeared to be in her 30s.

The note was very ominous. It read:

“…If you want to live hand back your wallet + phone NOW + do not turn around and be discreet. Do not turn around until after you have left civic center + you will live.”

Julie did not turn around when she received the note. She tried silently to get the attention of a fellow passenger, but it didn’t work. Instead, Julie decided to create a scene. She told CBS SF Bay Area that she faked a seizure and acted as though she was passing out:

“I slumped over to the left and started shaking. And people started to notice. And they were like, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?'”

The unidentified robber got off the train during the commotion, and even though Julie was unable to get a good look at her, she noticed that she was a white woman carrying a suitcase.

At first, Julie was terrified. But then she had the chance to look back at the situation and calmed herself down. She explained:

“Is somebody really going to shoot somebody for a phone and a wallet? I started to question it a little bit, but I was still really scared.”

In spite of the traumatic ordeal, Julie doesn’t want to file charges if the suspect is found. Since she wasn’t actually robbed, Julie doesn’t think it’s necessary. Neither the authorities nor Julie saw anyone with any weapons on the train.

So, how did Julie come up with the idea to fake a seizure? She told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I think it had something to do with watching a lot of Law & Order. I think I saw that in an episode. I was very impressed with myself.”

Watch the video below:

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