Sydney Couple Celebrating 1,000 Days Together Claim They Were Served A Steak Filled With ‘Worms’

A Sydney couple claim they were served a steak with what seemed to be worms crawling throughout, ruining their appetite and anniversary.

Stella Kim and Sushil Lamichhane said they were celebrating 1,000 days together with two friends at The Ranch Hotel in North Ryde on Wednesday night when their night out suddenly failed awfully.

‘We ordered steaks and one of our steak was full of worms. Live worms coming out of the steak,’ Ms Kim posted on social media along with a video showing the plate of food.

In the footage, what are thought to be maggots, fly larvae, are seen crawling on the cooked slab of meat.

‘We couldn’t believe this was happening at one of the biggest restaurants in Australia,’ Ms Kim said.

Ms Kim said she alerted restaurant staff and the NSW Food Authority City of Ryde after the supposed incident.

‘I wish no one has to go through this horrible experience. We have lost our appetite,’ she said.

‘It was our special day and we felt humiliated. Couldn’t sleep as well, thinking about the risks,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Kim said the restaurant compensated the party of four for their meals and offered her a $500 gift voucher for future visits, but she turned them down.

The video drew many horrified reactions from viewers.

Critics asked how the maggots would have survived during cooking and if the steak was actually served at The Ranch Hotel.

Maggots can survive in temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius, according to research.

Watch the video below:

Photo: dailymail


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