Taxi Driver Reveals To Customer That He’s About To Lose His Home. But Turns Out He Was Talking To…

For the cab driver in this story, it was just another day at the office, until he picked up a passenger who would change the trajectory of his entire existence. Pedro is a Las Vegas taxi driver and while most wouldn’t bother to listen to his story, one special man did.

Not only did this man listen to Pedro’s story, but he also decided to do something about it and this touching gesture just might have you reaching for the Kleenex.

When he picked up this passenger in order to drive him to the airport, Pedro decided to vent about all of the problems that he was having when it came to remaining up to date on house payments. He had even received a foreclosure notice in the mail and things were looking grim.

Pedro did not even recognize the passenger that he had picked up and had no clue that he was in the presence of a man who had the power to change his situation for the better. Quincy Amarikwa plays soccer professionally for the San Jose Earthquakes and he decided to use his blessings to help out someone who was very much in need of his assistance.

To find out more about how Quincy changed Pedro’s life forever, be sure to watch the following video. If you needed to know that great people still exist in modern society, this clip will provide you with all of the evidence that you could ever possibly need.


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