Teenagers Use Their BACKPACKS To Defend Classmates As A Knifeman With Two Blades Attacks Their School In Broad Daylight

This is the outrageous moment a group of students shield themselves from a knife-wielding man by launching backpacks at him.

The knifeman was swinging two blades at the pupils on the grounds of a Dutch college before being chased away.

The clip shows students chasing the assailant and throwing their bags at him so he trips as he tries to make his getaway.

After tripping the knifeman picks himself up but the students don’t back down, they continue to move towards him, forcing him off school grounds.

Continuing to wave the two knives in the air the man backs away but one vigilante swings his backpack at him again.

The footage that has appeared from the incident which occurred on Tuesday has surfaced on social media shows him them walk away from the school.

Police later stopped the suspect who was a 44-year-old man known to them, local news reported.

The suspect is being held in custody while care pathways are investigated, they said.

Photo: dailymail


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