Three-Year-Old Girl Is Raped On A Bus In India

Nothing worse for a five-year-old brother to see her sister being dragged to a bus where she was going to be brutally assaulted – and he even begged the attacker to stop.

The infamous gang rape case of 23-year old Jyoti Singh Pandey happened way back 2012, but the world still couldn’t forget it. Now a somewhat similar incident took place just recently, in which a 45-year old man raped a three-year-old girl in a bus.

Seems nothing has changed since the brutal gang rape case of Jyoti Singh Pandey in 2012.

The attacker, bus cleaner Sheikh Munna, caught the toddler’s attention by offering her chocolate. She was then dragged to a parked luxury bus. Her screams were heard by her five-year-old brother, who ran over to the bus and banged on the door, trying in vain to rescue her.

The boy ran to his mother, a widowed rag-seller, and told her what happened to his sister. The mother ran to the neighbors for help. The neighbors rescued the girl from the bus and then beat up the rapist.

“We found the girl lying in a pool of blood on a bus seat,” a senior police officer reported.

He also reported that the attacker’s hands and trousers was smeared with blood.

The girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“The child’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding profusely but her condition has improved since last night and possibly she will survive. Signs are clear that she had been brutalised,” one senior doctor said.

Although it was clear that the rape took place, the police still ran tests to prove that the girl was indeed violated. Forensics are examining the blood stains from the crime scene. The police also seized the bus where the incident happened.

In 2013, a five-year-old girl was taken hostage, raped, and tortured in New Delhi.

The rape culture in India made headlines around the world. It seems that the out-of-control rape epidemic in the country couldn’t be solved just yet. According to Amnesty International, “authorities have not effectively implemented new laws on crimes against women. The majority of rape cases still go unreported.”

“In India, cows are worshiped and girls get raped,” said one furious netizen.

This report lays down the horrifying statistics:

“In India a women is reportedly raped every 15 minutes. Multiply that by 24×7, 365 days a year. And keep in mind the majority of rape cases still go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse: Every 2 minutes, a women in India is a victim of a crime. This ongoing issue with violence against women raises the real and serious question of whether India is truly ready for a seat on the global table.”


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