Thugs Throw Pig’s Head Through Muslim Family’s Window

Some thugs broke window of a Muslim family house and threw a bloodied pig head while children were watching TV.

On a quiet Saturday night, the whole family were at home together when a brick came through into their living room, followed by the pig head. ‘

‘This was a disgusting act against an innocent family who have lived in this community for years,’ Detective Chief Inspector Chris Downey said.

‘We are treating this appalling incident as a hate crime.’

According to the Buzzfeed report, the severed head came close to hitting a boy, 14, and a girl, 6.

Ajaz Mahmood told the site he rushed home from work after his wife called him in tears.

‘She was screaming, hysterical,’ he said. ‘I only realised when I got into my front room there was a pig’s head there, wedged between the arms of the sofa, wrapped in plastic. I thought it was absolutely disgusting.

Broken glass was left in the living room

‘How do you explain that to a 6-year-old? What do you say to them? I told them they’re just mindless people that have done that.’

When the police started investigation they found out that a man got out of the backseat of a Vauxhall Corsa, where there were two other men, and then hurled both objects at the home in Chapel Lane, Oldham.

He then returned to the car which drove off shortly before 10pm on September 30.

He is described as aged about 18 and wore a black hooded top that was pulled up over his head.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Downey, from Oldham CID, said: ‘The family were extremely shook up by this and we have been out to see them to offer assurance that we will do everything in our power to track the offenders down.’

Photo: Metro


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