Times When The Customers Deserved More Than Refund!

As per the saying customers are god but these shopkeepers believe otherwise. If you don’t trust us then here are some examples for you to take a lesson from. The customers here deserved something more than a mere refund. Let alone costumer grievance, a whole new section for customer humiliation should be set up for these instances.

1. Nice color

So, not cool guys. I wonder if she’s the only one among the dissatisfied customers. But she definitely deserved something more than a refund. Let’s say a spa coupon?

2. Poor lady

Oh somebody stop this. Can you imagine the shock she got after coming face to face with the truth?

3. Blind trust can be dangerous

And here’s the best example of this phrase. Save this picture for somebody tells you to believe your barber in the near future. How can customers get satisfied with a refund after such a service? They sure deserved something more.

4. It’s a bad hair day

Who said only humans can get a bad haircut? Nobody can imagine the pain of this dog. If your dog comes among the dissatisfied customers then it’s time you ask for what you deserved. And it’s sure not a refund.

5. Heartbreak

I am pretty sure the costumers who received this sure died of heart attack and can’t ask for a refund. So, there’s no point talking about what they deserved.

6. Disproportionate

Yes, that’s the word for this dress. I know you feel it deserved more than this word but we aren’t writing an effing book. I don’t know what the customers deserved more, a refund or a counseling.

7. Nice wrapper

This is epic. Here are the times when the costumers deserve more than just a refund.

8. This is travesty

Yes, the customers deserved more than a refund. And, do you know what’s the first thing on that list? Answers.

9. What????

I don’t know about other customers but I can’t handle such a situation. And getting the money back is sure not an apt response to this.

10. Nice shoes

This is the situation where the design of the slippers slipped through the designer’s mind. The customers here deserved a clarification more than a refund.

11. A refund will not help

Yes, a refund will not help your cause. You deserved something more than that.

12. Here comes the monk

The barber made sure the guy looks like a monk and the girls steer clear of him. I feel sad for the customers of this salon.

13. You already got a refund

Yeah, you deserved the pineapples but consider yourself among the lucky customers who at least got half of the money back.

14. Nice thinking

The restaurant has put nice thought behind the look of the plate.

15. Please don’t play games with the customers

Is the seller a girl and is she trying to find out if he’s got a girlfriend? But he will still ask for the money back instead of you.


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