Top Horrifying Things That Happened At Walmart

Walmart is cesspool of creeps and weirdos for sure but what’s worse is the fact that even more terrible things have happened to the harmless mega store. Here are some of such real instances that are truly horrifying!

Drug Deal Gone Bad Goes Down in Walmart Parking Lot

A Hartford, CT man was arrested after he killed a man in a drug deal gone wrong in the parking lot of a Walmart. The man said that he ended up face down on the ground with the victim on top of him. That’s when he reached into his pocket and fired two shots from his Ruger 9mm pistol.

Rabid Bat Bites a Customer

Well this news should keep you out of a Walmart for the rest of your life. In Albuquerque, a patron at their local super center was bit by rabid bat after she tried to pick it up from a motorized basket it was hanging out on.

Arsonist Burns Down Store and Steals Jewelry

A renaissance man in West Virginia set fire to his local Walmart as a diversionary tactic so he could steal $2,600 worth of jewelry. Police said that the jig was up when the thief ran towards the jewelry store instead of the exit when customers were being evacuated.

8-Year-Old Girl Raped and Murdered

In one of the most frightening CCTV videos ever released, the last moments of an 8-year-old girl’s life are seen as she’s abducted by a 56-year-old man and put in a white van. The man was arrested a short time later, but the girl was never seen again.

Murder-Suicide in the Garden Center

In 2016, a man ran into a Walmart in the Dallas area and killed a man working in the garden center before turning the gun on himself. The store was evacuated and no bystanders were injured.

Mentally Ill Custodian Tries to Kill a Woman

In 2015, a custodian who worked at Walmart in Arkansas was accused of shooting a woman in the store but was found mentally unfit to stand trial. According to witness statements, the custodian approached the woman in line and fired multiple shots into her arm and abdomen.

Man Rapes Disabled Woman Behind Store

In 2012, a Walmart patron stalked a woman with cerebral palsy and her child through the aisles before sexually assaulting her and exiting the building. A spokesperson for Walmart said as soon as they were made aware of what had happened, they immediately took the victim to a safe place and called police.

Pig Carcasses Left Outside of Walmart

In 2015, Baton Rouge animal control responded to a report that someone had placed a 120-pound female hog in a sitting position on a bench outside the mall and a 75-pound piglet in the baby seat of a shopping cart at the front of the Walmart parking lot. An officer said, “Whoever did it is disturbed. I have never and nor have my officers seen any kind of situation like this with pigs; we do occasionally deal with cult activity but never with a pig.”

Dead Body Sits in Parking Lot for Three Months

According to police in Salinas, CA, a young woman’s body had been decomposing in a Walmart parking lot for nearly three months. No cause of death had been determined, but the coroner’s report said that a needle was found in the car.

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