A Touching Reunion After 49 Long Years

Bob Halstead rescued a baby in 1968 and he was 16 at that time. The incident occurred when he missed his bus for school and he had to walk instead. During his walk, he noticed a blue hat box and the curiosity took him near that.

When he opened the box he saw something which appeared as a mechanical doll placed inside, however, when the eyes of the ‘doll’ opened he realised it was a new born baby, her umbilical cord was still attached. He immediately ran with the baby and together with his mother they informed the authorities.

The nursing staff at St. Vincent’s in Bridgeport, Connecticut lovingly named the abandoned baby “Susan.” Bob’s family regularly checked on her and she began to grow without knowing her mother.

A year later she was adopted and Bob’s family lost her touch. Well, that was only until he received a mysterious message on Facebook and they got back in touch.

Isn’t it just amazing.


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