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This couple built a house you won’t believe is real.



A couple, Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutilh had caught a serious case of travel bug and wanted to see the world. They both wanted to become travel writers but never found a good living arrangement to fit their lifestyle which involved almost no pay.

And they came up with the perfect answer! They built their own house, a tiny one, and its tow-able so they can take it anywhere they want to. Inspired by the tiny house trend this couple set out to make this 20 foot long travel friendly home. They have already began travelling beginning from Florida Key till Alaska!

The compact house has a room they call the “Great room” which is their living room that doubles up as an office. They even have a coffee table which when folded up becomes a chalk board. For entertainment they use a projector and a screen for outdoor movie night.

Everything including the stairs doubles up as a storage facility. Now that’s some brilliant designing. Through this they have found a way to live their life big in their tiny, travel friendly house.


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