Watch VERY Well Behaved Pigs Tucking Into Takeaway

This is the delightful moment a group of piglets – along with their pug friend – enjoy a pizza party.

The sweet clip posted on February 9 shows five pigs in a pink blanket uncomplainingly waiting for dinner to start.

The video was posted by Instagram page Prissy Pig, run by pig owner Melissa Nicholson in Florida, who documents the escapades of her porky friends.

The dinner party starts with a large pizza, thankfully not Hawaiian, set in the middle of the table.

The pigs, all varying in size and age, sit and patiently wait for the meal to start, smacking their snouts in anticipation.

Two of the pigs’ don pink bows on their heads and another wears a white onesie.

At the end of the table is an amused pug, who licks its mouth in anticipation of the meal.

Finally, ready to eat the pig wearing a white onesie sets its hooves on the table and digs in.

He sniffs around the crust of the pizza before taking a hearty bite and gloriously lifting the chosen slice into the air.

When he does, the tiny piglets and the pug join him on the table, ready to get a bite of their own.

The video was shared onto Instagram where it has more than 952,000 views.

‘#NationalPizzaDay! We were all waiting patiently for mom to get plates for our veggie pizza, when all of a sudden #SillyPop decides to climb on the table and make a pig of himself. (Look at Pinkerton hide while Penn tries to join him. #appledoesntfallfarfromthetree #cousins)’, the caption said.

‘Meanwhile, the rest of us are minding our piggy manners. #proudaunt #nohoovesonthetable #veggiepizza #Pigtailthepug #PiggyPenn #PoseyandPink #PrissyandPop,’ the caption added.

The Instagram page features photos of the entire pig family and pug friend, some in costumes, some eating, and others gathered around that very same table to pose with pig-themed mugs.

Photo: dailymail


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