Woman On Deathbed Warns Everyone About The Hobby That Took Her Life

We do so many dangerous things on a day-to-day basis, which might take our lives, yet many of us still continue to do them.

Ashley Trenner’s hobby is taking her life and she wants to warn others about the real dangers it possesses…

Ms. Trenner used to go tanning to get a darkened skin tone. But at age 33, she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma (skin cancer that spreads throughout the rest of the body). At age 40, she became terminally ill.

We all know the dangers of being exposed to UV light, yet more and more woman go to tanning salons regularly to darken their skin.

Please listen to Ms. Trenner’s words and pay attention to her story.

Be happy and proud of who you are, don’t change yourself for the sake of modern beauty standards, it’s not worth your life.

Watch The Video Below:

Photo: goodfullness


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