Woman Takes Selfies With Her Tinder Date And After Few Hours Things Took Terrifying Turn

Our smartphone gave various access to dating apps, which made meeting new people easier. In the world of online many of our friends and family members have found their special someone. Nowadays, meeting someone new can be accomplished with relative ease, you simply never know what is going to happen next after you swipe right. There are things that cannot be learned about a person from a mere online dating profile.

Warriena found a Tinder match by the name of Gable. Their first date turned out to be a nightmares and make the matters worse. She was only dating him to pass the time as she prepared for a friend’s wedding during a stay in Australia.

Both of them exchanged a few messages and before long, things began to heat up. She learned that Gable did not live too far away from her resort and they arranged for a meeting at the shopping area.

The video footage of the meeting shows that they were already very comfortable with each other and they greeted one another with a big, warm hug. Till now everything went smooth and the two headed off to a bar for a drink. Then, she went back to Gable’s place to become intimate and this is where the sequence of events starts to turn hazy.

She even texted her sister to let her know that things were going well. After her text, she was found dead 5 1/2 hours and the circumstances behind her death seemed to point to foul play. The guy even made an audio recording of their encounter, which revealed that the two had engaged in sexual intercourse before Gable decided to kick her out without her belongings for not being his “type of girl”.

In the video, the sounds of choking were heard and this led to the most chilling moment of all: the sound of Gable’s balcony door opening and closing, interspersed with Warriena’s screams. After the incident occurred , Gable went for pizza and when he returned, the police had arrived.

Gable contacted his father and told him a fabricated story about Warriena becoming aggressive, being placed on the balcony and deciding to jump on her own free will. It turned out, he was partially telling the truth, as eyewitnesses said that they saw her attempting to climb down to safety. He was acquitted of the charges and remains a free man.

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