Woman Turns Her LABIA Into Jewellery After They Were Cut Off In Designer Surgery

This bizarre story is sure to give you lots of cringe as it did me because I cannot find turning one’s genitals into art, cool.


This woman has revealed how she turned her own labia into jewellery after having it snipped off during a designer vagina procedure.

Tracy Kiss documented how she ‘upcycled’ the loose skin from either side of her vagina into a piece of art after she underwent labiaplasty surgery in December 2016.

Miss Kiss, who posts updates on Instagram and Twitter, admits that she’s a huge fan of keepsakes and sees her latest home-made jewellery as being no different.

Kiss says she first decided to keep the ‘cut-offs’ as a trophy because she’d experienced pain from the excess skin.

However, the tissue began to turn grey and wrinkly after being kept in a jar of surgical fluid.

At this point Kiss decided ‘to transform my labia into an empowering pendant to be worn as a fashion accessory.’

Showing just how she transformed the genital body part into a glittery oval pendant, she first created a mini washing line from a cardboard box and hung up the two pieces of labia with pegs before painting them red and sprinkling glitter over them.

She writes of the process: ‘When I came across crystal jewellery-making, it seemed a quirky and easy way to make bespoke keepsakes for all purposes, albeit mine may be quite unique!

‘My 9-year-old daughter was thrilled to undertake a new summer holiday craft of her own creations and I had high hopes of rejuvenating my wilting labia in a jar.’

After creating the pendant, Kiss said she was keen to share her story ‘to raise awareness of intimate health and self examination as well as opening up the discussion about the many health benefits of circumcision.’

She added: ‘My labia have been successfully preserved, are colourful, bright and cheerful and mark the end of my suffering; one step closer to breaking down the taboo of female circumcision through a unique talking point and bespoke jewellery that I will cherish forever.’

Speaking to Femail, Tracy said: ‘My labia pendant is a symbol of overcoming a silent struggle with the pain of excess tissue that society is too embarrassed to address…

‘Doctors, midwives and partners never commented on my genitals so I presumed every woman found riding a bicycle painful, wearing tight jeans sore and intercourse tender.

‘If I can raise sexual health awareness, open the door of communication and give others the same freedom from pain that I have now found then I hope this taboo subject and choice of preserving my labia is received by others in the positive light that I see it.’

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