Woman Wants Doctors To Paralyze Her Through Surgery

Humans always fascinate about changing themselves as per their wish. People do undergo scissors just to achieve the perfect jawline, the perfect nose, plump lips, precise breasts, and cleavage.

Every human desire to look good and they undergo numerous surgeries to achieve their desired looks. But this thing is pretty much shocking and hard to believe as this woman has some other plans. She has no plans to look good or do something else; she just wishes to be surgically paralyzed.

Meet Chloe Jennings White, a 58-year-old woman from Salt Lake City who is requesting doctors to paralyze her surgically. She always wished to be disabled, but now when she has come to know that it can be done at the small price of $22,250, her desire has become stronger!

Jennings always fascinated a life without legs and to turn this desire into reality she once rode her bike from a four-foot high ledge just at the age of nine. She landed on her neck, but the risk didn’t get her the desired results!

But she is a very strong-headed woman and is still following her dream.

She took up skinning in the hope of the fact that someday she might hurt herself by crashing into something and become paralyzed. She shared, “I ski extremely fast, and aim for the most dangerous runs,” she told the Daily Mail. “My friends and family can get a little worried about me skiing, as they know I ski very aggressively and they know that in the back of my mind I actually want to get paralyzed.”

One ski injury helped her understand her condition and she understood that she is suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). BIID is a problem which affects a human’s ability to accept their body part.

“It was a huge relief,” she says of the moment she realized she wasn’t alone in her condition. “I wasn’t a freak – there were hundreds of others like me.”

She doesn’t have $22,250 hence she has made up her mind to confine herself to a wheelchair despite the fact that she is bodily fine! Chloe is requesting her doctors to paralyze her surgically

“I might never be able to afford it, but I know, truly and deeply, I won’t regret it if I ever can,” she explained to the Daily Mail. “Something in my brain tells me my legs are not supposed to work. Having any sensation in them just feels wrong.”

Dr Mark Malan, who treats Chloe, shared that “The question I often ask is, is it better to have somebody pretending to use a wheelchair, or to commit suicide?”

“One possibility could be to do some sort of nerve blocking so that that limb could not actually be used for a period of time, to let the patient test the reality of being physically disabled temporarily. It would give BIID sufferers a chance to change their minds if they wanted to.”

Chloe who is requesting her doctors to paralyze her surgically has confined herself to use a wheelchair and hopes to have an operation in future that would make her legs non-functional.


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