I Wore A Fake Engagement Ring For 7 Days And Didn’t Realize How Much I Actually Wanted It

I have never really had a strong desire to one fine day receive an engagement ring.

The idea of one has never really existed in my mind until friends and Facebook friends started getting engaged and posting pictures of their rings.

While other women my age already have their bridesmaid dresses and showpieces planned in their minds, I haven’t really given a thought to anything wedding-related.

To me, it mostly seems like a huge waste of money. I’ve never thought about the difference between a mermaid cut and a ball gown, or silk versus lace. It all seems pretty benign and old-fashioned, honestly.

But, since I’ve been seeing all of these rings pop up on my feeds, I’ve begun to wonder if I ever do want to get married. It’s brought on a little bit, but not too much, pressure to maybe start taking potential relationships with at least a grain of seriousness, and to be more honest with myself about what I want.

Would I like to, someday, in what will probably be the distant future when I’m in my late 30s or even later, receive an engagement ring?

I decided, out of sheer curiosity, to wear a fake one for seven days.

Photo: littlethings


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