You Should Never Sleep With Your Head In The North, Here’s Why

Sleep is one of the most vital parts of your daily activities and the direction in which you place your head plays a significant role in maintaining good health. You might have heard a lot of people ask you to never sleep facing the North direction or even never keep your legs in the East, right? But what exactly is the reason behind it? You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a real logical reason for it. Jaggi Vasudev, worldwide known as Sathguru claimed the interesting concept of never sleeping with your head placed in the north and you will be surprised to know that.

Here’s why you should never sleep with your head in the North.

The reason lies in the way our body works, and the way blood flows through our body.

For our heart to pump blood to the lower part of the body is comfortable but not to the upper part of the body.

And since there are a million of blood vessels, pumping blood gets difficult.

Too much blood in the vessels can also lead to a hemorrhage.

This is one of the reasons you might be feeling dizzy, and dull too.

Minor damages such as feeling dizzy and a lack of concentration may also lead to bigger fatal damages.

Now, when you sleep your body works differently.

The magnetism of the magnetic poles of the universe plays a vital role in our body. When a body is lying in a horizontal position, the pulse rate is on the lower side.That means if you are sleeping, your pulse rate will be on the smaller side. Now, If you sleep with your head placed in the north, the magnetic pull on the brain can cause agitation, irritation, hypertension, and a decrease in brain function and poor circulation of blood. The impact of this magnetic pull doubles up if you sleep in that manner for a more extended period.

Obviously, you won’t die the very next morning, if you sleep one night like that but sleeping regularly like this might affect a ton.

Now to sleep in the right direction; you must keep your head towards the South or East or even West.

East shall be the preferable option.


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